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Solutions - Classroom and Behavior Management


Before effective instructional reform can begin, teachers must be able to work in an environment in which they feel safe to perform their jobs and students feel secure in their learning environment. Tools for Schools concentrates initially on classroom and behavior management.

With an increasing number of new and inexperienced teachers in our schools, we have many teachers who are unprepared for the difficult task of planning lessons, engaging students, involving parents, and building respect and connections with their students. Schools also have experienced teachers who can benefit from additional training and support in the areas of classroom/behavior management and motivating students to succeed.

An overwhelmed teaching staff leads to behavior problems in the classroom and dramatically increased student referrals to the administrative office. Administrators end up spending much of their time handling discipline issues instead of tending to the instructional leadership necessary to improve classroom instruction and overall school performance.

Many students miss valuable instructional time in the classroom on disciplinary referrals, detention, suspension and even expulsion. There is also a significant increase in absenteeism and tardiness. It is not surprising that schools are struggling to raise test scores.

Tools for Schools helps teachers, administrators and support personnel to create and implement a school-wide behavior management plan that reduces disruptions and keeps students in the classroom where they belong. We can help schools lower their office referral rate and behavior problems by 85% within the first 2-3 weeks. For every 200 students in any school, there should only be one office referral per week.

Teachers can be empowered to manage their classrooms and concentrate on the curriculum. Administrators can then focus on being instructional and transformational leaders rather than mere disciplinarians.

We encourage teachers to take control of their own classrooms and manage the behavior of their students so that both teachers and students can maximize the educational time they spend together. We instruct teachers on the techniques and mechanics of classroom management in order to empower them to solve the problems they encounter every day. Teachers will be empowered by learning techniques from our on-site consultants which they can use every day in their classrooms. Not only do students profit from a stable classroom environment, teachers will benefit from feeling empowered by their jobs. Teachers can return to the reward of teaching that brought them to the profession in the first place.

Because parents and guardians are children's first teachers and the most important people in their lives, all of our programs highlight the importance of parent involvement.

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