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All children have the right to an educational experience that prepares for success in the digital, knowledge-based society of the 21st century. We believe that incorporating digital media into the classroom can help students achieve their potential and prepare them for their future.

The real world of tomorrow will be a global community where our friends and professional colleagues are highly mobile and may live anywhere.

But to succeed today, and in the future, students also must be prepared with what are referred to as 21st-century skills-the ability to solve problems, collaborate, and gather and analyze data. We also need to encourage students to develop their imaginations, to visualize, to create.

Digital media can bring learning to life by helping students master difficult concepts, increasing the relevance of today's classroom, and giving students a means of self-expression. This is a powerful way to prepare students for the future and help raise student achievement today.

But digital media isn't only powerful for the students. Teachers are the key to success in the classroom, and there are many ways that we can empower teachers with digital media. We want to engage and motivate students so that they enjoy and appreciate the love of learning. Ideally, teachers want to individualize instruction for students in the ways that best suit them. By incorporating digital media into the curriculum, teachers can find new strengths in students that they never knew they had.

Digital media gives educators the tools to help students with different learning styles, such as kinesthetic, auditory, and visual learners.

Teachers and students are also using digital media to document their work to show progress over time. For individualized education plans (IEPs), end-of-the-year exhibitions, and portfolios, digital media captures the best examples of learning and professional growth. Teachers can also use digital media to capture and share best practices. Now, it's easy to create and distribute great examples of teaching and learning around the school or the entire district. A mentor teacher now can be shared with a wider group of educators.

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